becoming club approved

How to become a club approved breeder

How To Become A Club Approved Breeder

If you are new to breeding please consider asking one of our breeders to mentor you, having a club approved breeder as your mentor will help with applications to become club approved in the future. 

1. You must have been breeding at least a year, with 2 successful litters from 1 female. 

2. You must follow the Clubs breeding code of ethics. 

3. You must have all of your breeding hedgehogs registered with linage and register all of your litters. (Registered with the Club registry)

4. You must provide life long aftercare with each hoglet you sell. 

5. You must provide a good care pack containing change over food, guide and other goodies to each new owner. 

6. You must agree to take back any hedgehog you've bred should their owner be unable to care for it anymore.

7. You must provide photos of your set ups.

8. You must provide 3 email addresses to owners of your hoglets for us to communicate with. 

9. We require that you post in the African Pygmy Hedgehog Club UK Facebook group as often as possible, this is to show our members that our breeders are there for support and help. 

10. We require all our breeders to be friendly and approachable as you will be representing the African Pygmy Hedgehog Club. 

11. Any Hedgehog purchased after December 2017 must have at least 2 generations of known linage on both sides. The more linage the better.

We ask that you provide the following during your application;
Information about yourself, why you decided to start breeding, what you hope to achieve from breeding, when did you start breeding, how many litters have you had ect.
A list of all your breeding males and females.
What do you feed your hedgehogs?
Photos of your set ups.
Photos of your care packs.
A copy of the care sheet you send out with your hoglets.
A copy of your contract (if you have one)
3 references of people who've purchased a hoglet from you. (please don't make contact with them, we will do that)

To apply please email: