Hogs are clever and like to be kept busy! Hide treats around their vivarium, provide tunnels, a choice of hiding places, toys etc. A forage tray is always fun, with fleece strips, blackcurrant and apple leaves, paper bedding, ecobed, finacard or care fresh in and hidden treats. A very good toy is a toilet roll tube cut in half lengthways (so the hog does not get stuck), filled with paper bedding with dreamies or dried mealies inside. A play pen (children’s ball pool) with tunnels, hiding places, wheel forage tray etc. is liked by some hedgehogs.

Some hedgehogs are secretive and hiding places are important to them. Providing a blanket with their forage tray can turn this into an exciting den for them! Fleece tunnels (suppliers listed in bedding sections) or card guinea pig tunnels are vital for enrichment.



Wheels are very important for your hedgehog, providing mental and physical stimulation. 
Most hedgehogs will use their wheel every evening without fail, and will run for hours. 
It is a messy process as hedgehogs poop and pee as they run often crushing it into their wheel as they run. Enjoy cleaning up after their night of fun! 
A safe wheel must be big enough for the hedgehog, must be solid (not bars or metal) and must not have any sharp areas. Hedgehogs have very small, delicate feet and even a small cut can be very painful to a hedgehog. 

Types of wheels we suggest are:  Carolina Storm Bucket, Squazlehogs Wheel and Tictac Wheels. 

Carolina storm bucket wheel by contacting the UK Carolina facebook page.
£35  (including p&p)

Squazle Hogs Wheel 
£26.95 (including p&p)

Tictac Bucket Wheel

£29 (including p&p)