The basics

The Basics Of Hedgehog Housing.


· Temperature 

Generally, between 21 and 25, it is vital temperature remains constant.

· Heat

A pulse thermostat (low range habistat pulse are best), bulb holder and ceramic bulb (100W or 150W). A 300W or higher on/off thermostat can be used; your bulb will not last as long. 

You could use a “pet nap” whelping pad if the room has a stable temperature and the enclosure will stay above 22°C, it provides a cosy area for the hedgehog to sleep. These are useful for older or ill hedgehogs. 

· Housing

A vivarium over 36 inches by 18 inches or a large zoo zone 2 cage are the best housing (zoo zones are not as warm and a pet nap not a CHE must be used with them). African Pygmy Hedgehogs appreciate as much space as possible. 

· Bedding

This is debated, but is generally agreed that the best set up is either:

Finacard, ecobed or carefresh with a bed e.g. hut or sleeping bag. 


Fleece liners with beds, digging tray and tunnels. A litter tray with either kitchen towel, puppy pads or paper pellet cat litter (pellet cat litter such as finacard’s or back to nature is best for smell reduction) is essential. 




Vivariums are a good choice to keep your hedgehog, with more pros than cons. Vivariums can be stacked so if you have more than one hedgehog in mind then it saves a lot of space. Vivariums are also easy to view inside to see your hedgehog so you can watch him from a distance. 
You can use a range of fronts on your vivarium such as plexi glass, real glass or even mesh. Mesh is good for air flow however if you get a hedgehog who likes to chew they may chew their way out before you notice they've even started their escape plan. 
If you decide to keep your hedgehog in a vivarium then it is suggested that the minimum size should be 3ft long, this is because once you provide a wheel and litter tray that leaves very little room for much else so the bigger the vivarium the better. 
Most vivariums are made for reptiles so provide very poor air flow, this can be fixed by creating more vents in the back or getting a custom vivarium made containing the correct amount of vents. 
You can also fit levels so that you can make the most of the space that you have. However leave plenty of space for the wheel.


Zoozone 2

An alternative for the vivarium is a Zoozone 2, this is suitable if you only have one hedgehog planned as zoozones can't be stacked so may take up a lot of space if you decide to have more than one hedgehog. These are easy to clean, fairly cheap (at around £40+) and don't require any modifications. 
However they are slightly smaller than 3ft and space can be very limited for your hedgehog. 

In the picture below you can see custom vivariums and on top a blue Zoozone 2.